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SAI Capital is constantly progressing forward with its eye firmly fixed on the future. The projects listed below are in reality a glimpse of what we are working on at present. These projects vary dramatically in size and location. Due to this, we are involved in many different markets inside of Ecuador, from low-cost housing to luxury apartments.


Current Projects

Stanton Plaza

An eight level commercial and residential building, with 3 underground parking levels.
Two commercial levels. Located in the new touristic area in Quito, Ecuador. Close proximity to The Marriot Hotel & The Holiday Inn.
Total cost: $2,100,000
Investment: $1,000,000
Sale price : $2,700,000
Start date: Sep. 2008
Term: Sep. 2010
Current state: 58% sold.
Soon to be closed for investments.

Yllen 474

10 luxury apartments. Situated at the entrance of Metropolitan park in Quito, Ecuador.Spectacular views of the north of Quito. Four blocks away from central Quito.
Total cost: $625,000
Investment: $390,000
Sale price: $810,000
Start date: Dec. 2007
Term: Nov. 2008
Current state: 90% sold, under construction. Closed for investments.


Total cost: $ 379,650
Investment: $N/A
Sale price : $582,455
Start date: July 2008
Term: Dec. 2008
Current state:
Under construction and closed for investments.
Sold to a subsidiary of Chevrolet Ecuador


12 affordable apartments, situated at the north of Quito, Ecuador. 5 minutes from downtown.
Total cost: $1,100,000
Investment: $600,000
Sale price : $1,500,000
Start date: March 2009
Term: July 2010
Current state: under planning and looking for initial investors.


Finished Project

Fey Alegria

Restoration project located in old spanish town in Quito, Ecuador. The 1937 house was finished within 6 months
bringing up every detail of Spanish design.

La Cascada Apartments

60 apartments located in north Quito. Underground parking spaces and a small park in the middle. Overall cost was 2.5 million. The project had 92% sold before completing construction. Sale price was 3.1 million.

Arco Iris Resort

A beautiful 92 beach front apartment building, this was a 3 year project which sold 100% before construction completion. One year for planning a two for building. A complete success located in Atacames, Ecuador.

Torresol Tropical

68 luxury beach front apartment building with swimming pools, ammenities, restaurant, mini golf,
waterfalls, 2 underground parking levels and more.

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