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The investments that SAI offers are all a little different and we like to think we have something for everyon, but this question should be asked and answered. Some of the variables that effect the way we price out financil products vairs form time to time.

One Factor is the surly and demand of housing in SA, this is broken down into countries, but on the hole SAI has a wide base of funds in different countries those helping to stabilize the ebb and flow of demand. Unlike most of the first world, SA tends not to have too much speculation price built into project. Developments are made for a desired target audience.

Investment areas with SAI

  • Date recorded
  • Investment rate set
  • All details verified
  • Online account opened

Online installation

  • In accounts
  • viewable amounts
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Options to move money form accounts

Sai investment Overview

Money can come to us via many areas bank, credit deals, or Bond offerings. But we operate at are that makes it as easy as possible for you to Invest with SAI. So form Pay Pal to VISA will have an answer to your needs. Panama Offers Free Insurance

Once Investment is opened with SAI we can arrange that your Investment is TF to Panama where is held, the advantage of this is that were here at SAI can arrange credit when we need it to fiancé projects. Those this keep all Investments much sifter than if we were arranging TF all the time to SA.

Obama ally pushes Colombia, Panama trade deals US President Barack Obama should push for quick approval of free trade deals with Colombia and Panama, a top White House ally in the US Senate said Wednesday.

All, 12 Atlantic Canadian companies are scheduled to visit the Central American country, including Maloney Electric Inc. The company, which produces electric transformers, is based in Toronto but has an office in Sackville.Off sure is a good why to look at investing .

Many of our clients Invest with us and then receiveInterest payments staring back to an of sure account, we can pay this with out tax leaving it the hands of the investor.

Staged investments

Development stage : DS

You are one of the first investors and get the highest return on the project.

Initial project stage : IPS

You know other investors trust this project. At this stage costs and profits have been locked.

On going project stage : OG S

Most of the project is sold out and the profit and time of construction are not as high as other stages.



Minimum Investment

Solo Investor

Development stage

Initial project stage

On going project stage

Option 1

Rate and termination date are estimated.
They depend on how the project is doing in sales,and they vary from project to project



15% to 25% a year *

9.10% to 15.15 a year *

8.15 to 12.5% a year *

7.35% to 9% a year*

Option 2

Rate and termination date are fixed no matter how project stage is at


6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months




Sai Investment Contries

We have a history with most of the Latin countries here is South America but we will also invest into Central America if we feel the time is right, the main bolk of our investment is in the noth parts of South America due to the go rates the we have been able to achieve in the last few years .

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