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1. Where is my money paid?

Money can come to us via many areas bank, credit deals, or Bond offerings. But we operate at are that makes it as easy as possible for you to Invest with SAI. So form Pay Pal to VISA will have an answer to your needs.
Panama Offers Free Insurance

Once Investment is opened with SAI we can arrange that your Investment is TF to Panama where is held, the advantage of this is that were here at SAI can arrange credit when we need it to fiancé projects. Those this keep all Investments much sifter than if we were arranging TF all the time to SA.

Obama ally pushes Colombia, Panama trade deals US President Barack Obama should push for quick approval of free trade deals with Colombia and Panama, a top White House ally in the US Senate said Wednesday.

All, 12 Atlantic Canadian companies are scheduled to visit the Central American country, including Maloney Electric Inc. The company, which produces electric transformers, is based in Toronto but has an office in Sackville. Off sure is a good why to look at investing Many of our clients Invest with us and then receiveInterest payments staring back to an of sure account, we can pay this with out tax leaving it the hands of the investor.

2. South America is it better then EUR – South America

South America is it better then EUR – South America Subscribe to this feed Four provincial firms taking part in trade mission to Panama In all, 12 Atlantic Canadian companies are scheduled to visit the Central American country.

3. Cancel – Investment

It seems you have come to the page, as you are not able to make a payment to us online, please do not worry,and email mail us now. info@SAI.

4. How long has SAI be going ?

Architecture with vision Inspiration and hard work is the base for our success of the starting of SAI? Being responsible and looking after our investors’ interest has always been the key when looking for new ways to exp…

5. If I need all of my money back quickly?

Money can be paid back quickly but most accounts do have set penalties , please see account info for more to do with this.

SAI will help as best as we can to sort out repayments that have not be for seen but you must understand that your investment is working for you so it can take time. we would say that most payments can be paid back with in 72 hours. Unless accounts states so

Normaly a fine is aplicable around the 1 or 2% mark once again please see all accounts Instant access acounts do not apply to this Whilst you have had your Investment with SAI that Investment will have enjoyed the best rates on the market and we will not touch any of your gain.

6. how do I move accounts?

Some businesses are reluctant to switch banks because they fear the process could be time-consuming and possibly disruptive.

However, subscribers to the Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook (BCOBS) – which replaced the Business Banking Code on 1 November 2009 – have committed to making the transfer of bank accounts quicker and simpler for their customers. Find BCOBS on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) website – Opens in a new window and read industry guidance about BCOBS on the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) website – Opens in a new window.
For example, your old bank has to send details of your direct debits and standing orders to you and your new bank within three days of a request to do so.

Your new bank must then set up these payments and inform the recipients of your direct debits within four working days. If they fail to fulfil their commitments you may be entitled to a payment from the bank concerned.

7. why SAI does well?

The financing gap: testing the growth model used in the international financial institution is one way of seeing how making use of privet equity to finace growth is a safer wand more secure way to in sure long term cerstand growth . This is peripheral due to the fact now time restriction are inforced. This Problem with time and finace is an age old issue that has seen the evolution of dreat business models for not only business but for private investors. 7, World Bank, 1818 H St. NW, Washington, DC 20433, USA Received Abstract

The Domar growth model supposedly died long ago. Still today, economists in the international financial institutions (IFIs) apply the Domar model to calculate short-run investment requirements for a target growth rate. They then calculate a refinancing gap between the required investment and available resources and often fill the refinancing gap with foreign investment. The financing gap model has two simple predictions: (1) growth will go into investment one for one, and (2) there will be a fixed linear relationship between growth and investment in the short run.

SAI is now leading the way in helping meany bussiness here in South America not only fill there Financing gap but all improve investment climets for forign investment into South America. We will hope to see this grow steadaly over the next few years due to and increasing drive form Forgien investers seek out new and improved hedge funding methords for long term growth agains convergent market prepoltion in existing methodologie to this problem.

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