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FB 18/1/2018

   Facebook   January 18, 2018  No Comments

This is the hourly chart and I’m look at this as support. Below is the daily chart so we will so how it opens tomorrow , but will look to buy this and then see if Fb fills that gap…

Facebook 2018

   Facebook   January 10, 2018  No Comments

Okay Facebook stock didn’t go well, I bought it at 180 and got stopped out at 177 unfortunately, they’re after the shit rebounded went straight up to 186, which was as I predicted, just shows you, you can even call…


   Facebook   December 22, 2017  No Comments

Facebook is quite an interesting markets be looking at, it’s has reasonably low margins for trading, it’s just starting to take off once again, it seems to have risen steadily over the last few months, but it does seem to…

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