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Jan 18th

   bitcoins   January 18, 2018  No Comments

Well here we are on the hourly chat and it’s looking like shit, broken through the support & I have a feel that we will see this lower .   But here we are on the daily chat and its’…

Bitcoin 2018

   bitcoins   January 10, 2018  No Comments

Well as I managed to get so much of December correct, thought I would continue looking at the Bitcoin, looks like we’re heading to the low side probably trying test that 13,000 resistance point. If that breaks then it looks…


   bitcoins   December 22, 2017  No Comments

Well got that one 100% right , as you can see, bit still pushing down , maybe will fill that gap straight off, after that it will be interesting to see the Volatility stays.

20 dec

   bitcoins   December 20, 2017  No Comments

Quick update for next week, Bitcoin going as I thought made a new high first before pushing back down. Most interestingly, is how the currency did not make that new high of 20,000, but feel a little short ,since then…

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