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Bonds are SAI’s easiest way to invest all you have to do is decide on how long and leave the rest up to us. South America is growing far strongly; therefore we are more than confident to offer you, our client these great rates.


Bonds can be closed instantly but you will not receive any interest on your Bond.
The 1% reward payment is net of income tax. This means we pay it after taking off income tax at the rate set by law (currently 18%). All Interest is paid quartly on accounts and this all is paid net of tax however, you may have to pay extra income tax on the maturity of investment if you exceed your thresh hold inside your given country and your realize gain from SAI investment is returned to your said country.

There are five types of Bonds SAI has been involved :

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US Trust Fund grows tax free

Qualifications for American Investor We currently believe that our estates are going to be highly taxed at death in America to help offset the unbelievable debt wave accumulating do to recessionary spending. Regardless of your political philosophy this is a simple fact. In your estate planning one of the primary criteria is to reduce your taxable estate so that at death there will be less to tax. One traditional component in estate planning is the transfer of wealth to âœirrevocable trustsâ with loved ones like children and grandchildren as the beneficiaries. Funds within this trust in the U.S. are re-invested by stock brokers and hopefully profits are enjoyed which are taxable to the trust yet the simple objective of reducing your taxable estate is accomplished. Get it?

With an irrevocable trust formed âœoutsideâ of the U.S. the same process occurs and if that trust is managed or governed by a trustee that is a U.S. citizen your trust is still taxed.

But if this trust is formed in a jurisdiction outside of the U.S. and governed by a “foreign trustee” there is no U.S. tax on the trust by America but there would be a tax in the new jurisdiction if that country taxes trust profits. Ecuador& Peru to name but a few South American countries that does have a tax but there are still several jurisdictions that donâ™t. America is trying hard to convince these countries to impose a tax but there are still some around. Therefore, you place your hard earned, “after tax paidâ savings into a trust with SAI . The trust controls the entity that owns the project. The projects construction uses your money to build the homes or buildings and your trust is re-paid its principle plus a return of 12.8% annually. This profit stays in your trust for the benefit of your loved ones and continues to grow âœtax freeâ until the trust terminates at your death or later if the trust documents require. .

TAX situation Capital gains UK

As for the tax situation, I believe that this would still be liable for capital gains tax as your mum is still a resident in the UK. If you’re looking at how the money will be moved and just trying to avoid the step of entering it into the UK, I don’t believe this will be looked at in this way, as your mum is in effect sending you the money from the sale of a UK asset which she will have to declare as being sold both on her tax return as well as registering the property as sold through lawyers and the land registry.

In terms of renting, “if you’re resident, ordinarily resident and domiciled in the UK, you’ll have to pay tax on the income from the letting whether or not that income is brought into the UK. This is known as the ‘arising basis’ of assessment.” In other words, even rental income not brought into the UK has to be declared and UK tax be paid on it, and deducting and double taxation relief. Anyway, hope this helps.

TAX Positions

For those of us who are tax domiciled in the first world, the investment packages that we offer here can be very attractive. By spreading a percentage of your wealth through investment in diverse areas you are reducing your exposure to currency movements inside of one given currency, which can be tremendous.

At this point in time the US dollar is a weak currency and by investing in a dollar based country, inside of the developing world, you are locking in the benefits of higher returns however keeping the stability of the US dollar.

Whilst diversifying your portfolio away from your tax domicile, you will reduce tax inside of that country. One will receive high returns whilst not paying tax inside of Ecuador until the date of enrichment. These tax benefits are substantial due to the fast growth in your investment sector.

There are also ways of offsetting your tax liability here in Ecuador which you might even find enjoyable, such as visiting your investment and using funding from your account to pay for this.

For those of us looking to make up trust funds for our families, the opportunities inside our financial division are fantastic. This I feel is your leading opportunity as we will take investment into your family name and give both you and other members of your family complete control of your investment.
This enables you to pass on or gift a big percentage of your portfolio to other members of your family as part of your inheritance, with zero tax liability.

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