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SAI has powerful tax efficient packages , we have provided a series of Blog Posts on the main SAI site, describing in much greater detail than the basic overview on this page, the details of the SAI inheritance focus.

The best way to discover all the options available, to you is to present to us here at SAI what you want form your Investment and let us guide you. Your Investment’ Your needs s’ Your growth’ Our help

Architecture with vision

Inspiration and hard work is the base for our success of the starting of SAI. Being responsible and looking after our investors™ interest has always been the key when looking for new ways to expand. CEO Marcelo Santiago Morales Erazo, Architect

Marcelo Santiago Morales Erazo took lead control of SAI Enterprise Group in 1997. Marcelo has gone on to take SAI and its subsidiary companies, one of these being Construfuturo, to new heights. His principle objectives are to take the holding companies of SAI on to an international market place, providing a doorway for international fund managers inside of Latin America & the rest of the world to move SAI forwards.

SAI delivers large-scale developments of the highest quality, incorporating the latest cutting edge technology.
SAI is an industry leader employing over 150 professionals directly and over 600 indirectly. It comprises part of the SAI Enterprise Group. SAI-capital Co. Ltd is divided into three departments: Financial Investment SAI, SAI Real Estate Development and SAI Construction.

Opening an account

The first step to get on board with us is to open an account, this does not have any cost at any time. No administration fees, no management fees, no annual payments, no hidden fees or costs.

You could open an account directly with one of our directors or online.By filling out the account form you will receive a username and password. You will then be contacted by one of our directors closest to you to help you with the starting investment. You will receive a full catalog with information for the project of your choice if you decided to invest in a specific project. If your choice is a fixed rate investment, you will receive a catalog along with general information on the projects we invest your money in.

When you open an account you can check every project online and after your initial investment, you will be able to check every aspect of the project you are investing in.

Premier accounts

This account has an Important note…
The 4.8% reward payment is net of income tax. This means we pay it after taking off income tax at the rate set by law (currently 18% paid on intrestpayments). All Interest is paid quartly on accounts and this all is paid net of tax however, you may have to pay extra income tax on the maturity of investment if you exceed your thresh hold inside your given country and your realize gain from SAI investment is returned to your said country. All investors that roll over Investments inside of SAI obviously do not have to worry about this due to the fact that your investment here continues to grow tax free, this does not take into account any fees or charges listed below. If you have arranged or unarranged overdrafts, your statements will show the amount of fees we will take from your account at the end of the month. This may change in the future.

This Accounts fee will be automatically deducted from your account each month on the date of the month that your account was first opened. You are able to take out upto 50% on deposit straight away but this transaction can take upto 4-5 working days. You must give 6 mounths notice if you wish to close the account and clear all funds. Insurance cover is provided subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording. Underwriting is the process of assessing risks and setting the cost of insuring against them. No cost is levied on accounts held with SAI capital cia ltd *If you are switch your main account with SAI to this account, because of different regulations apply on each account, a fee-free overdraft for 100 days during the switching period is applied.

Online services

Check your investments anywhere at anytime. You will be able to see how each project is doing, its schedule, sales, expenses, pictures, videos and perspectives of project finishings. Investors are project owners and as so you should be able to check every aspect of the project development and cosntruction at any time.

Complementary visit

If you decide you want to visit Ecuador, and spend a few days vacationing while also overseeing the projects. Why not take a holiday with our tourist partner OLA Adventures, you’re welcome to do so at our expense. Your investment earns points and at some levels you could have the whole trip for free !

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